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In honor of my exploration of fashion icons and innovators over the past two weeks, I am opening up the discussion to hopefully include some of you readers.  I think it would be interesting to hear from you who are people that have really influenced your work, or just someone you have always been fascinated by (sartorially speaking). 

If you are interested, please register at Art+Culture and then write a blog on one individual, male or female, from any period in time, and explain what it is about them that makes you a fan.  If possible, attach some photos to your blog so we can all familiarize ourselves with who you are discussing. We will feature these observations on the fashion category page.

Please feel free to write feedback or comments on any posts I have written, or any that you choose to write on this topic.  Its great to get a discussion going, and see who different individuals think is stylish (or not).  Post all of your entries on the Fashion Design page here at Art & Culture.  I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Here is a little Diana Vreeland interview for your Sunday afternoon enjoyment!

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