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posted on 03.06.09

Made a (new?) cocktail today. Calling it "Crazy About That Little Girl"
1 oz Gin
1 oz Cran-Apple juice
1/2 oz Cherry Heering Liquer
1/4 oz Solerno Blood Orange Liquer

Want more recipes? (From the professionals:)

“Cherry Heering is thick (like <a href="">their ads</href>). It's maraschino gum, chewed by a high school cheerleader (still dressed as a little girl). When the phlegm allows, I will introduce you two. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
“I do like Gin, but, wait, is that Cherry Herring stuff tough? Is it hard? Where does this taste go? How does it hang in the mouth? Is it, um, insane? Does it taste like a little girl? (Too soon?)”
Posted over 6 years ago
“I'm both influenced by and under the influence of this post. -little girl”
Posted over 6 years ago
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