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The Baltimore Sun's Read Street blog posted a "which writer do you drink like?" quiz yesterday. The answer key was posted this morning. It's a fun diversion--my drinking habits apparently resemble a Jane Austen and H.L. Mencken hybrid (I didn't know the two could mix).

Which writer do you drink like?


It's no secret that many of the world's most famous authors were drinkers with a writing problem. Authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker, James Joyce and O. Henry were all celebrated scribes who were helped, and more often hindered, by the bottle. And while alcoholism is no joke, I find no fault occasionally indulging in a tipple or two.

So that got me wondering: Which author would I most like to go drinking with? Ernest Hemingway would have amazing stories to tell; Oscar Wilde would make a great people-watching companion; and H.L. Mencken could introduce me to the who's who of American society, even if he didn't like them that much.

And so, a little quiz: Which famous author do you most drink like?

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“I am a Hemingway/Austin combo. After reading some of her novels in high school, I was pretty sure I would never want to be associated with her - I guess I can make an exception for this....As far as authors I would most like to get a drink with, I would probably say Bret Easton Ellis and Hunter S. Thompson.”
Posted over 6 years ago
“I'm not sure I could handle Thompson. I think I'd rather get a drink with Johnny Depp pretending to be Hunter S. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
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