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posted on 09.24.09


In the world of design there is a surging interest in the handmade, limited production and regional craftsmanship.  This trend has found mentors in Culver City, California, a city in the middle of Los Angeles that has attracted film production, architects, art galleries and now on it's western edge- Touch.

Touch is a combination of a design development and distribution company with a showroom and a gallery space at their location on Washington Blvd.  It was started by Zoe Melo who works with designers from around the world to develop small runs of handmade goods and to promote ideas of reuse and environmental responsibility.

Their gallery space recently hosted the InDisposed show which originated in New York, curated by Jen Renzi and Dan Rubenstein.  Fifteen 'emerging innovators' were invited to create mass produced objects that would be discarded after use.

Zoe Melo curated the Touch/NY show which featured not only works made of recycled materials but also the surrounding exhibit space creating an immersive experience "to explore...sustainability in the design world as both a social and aesthetic force."  Many of the objects from that show can be seen in the Touch showroom in Los Angeles.


Touch website:

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