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It gets more and more diffiult to define an era the closer in time we are to it.  The nineties are perhaps to close to us today for us to make a fair assessment of what defined the decade.  There are definate things that stand out: grunge, hip hop, rave culture, supermodels, and the advances in tehnology and communication. I have picked three women whom I think contributed to fashion in the nineties; it would be interesting to hear who other readers think was a nineties style icon...

1. Kate Moss

It is hard to discuss nineties fahion without Kate Moss coming up (almost immediately!)  Her skinny waif-like figure was a drastic change from the voluptuous supermodels of the early decade; she was short,  bow legged and had crooked teeth.  Her look and demeanor, however, were right in tune with the youth culture at the time, and she became an overnight sensation.  Her own personal style has always been carefully watched and copied; Moss is more interesting in her own clothes than any runway ensemble.

2. Lady Miss Kier

Lady Miss Kier's flamboyant, campy style grew diretly from the New York club scene of the eighties and early nineties.  It was with her band Deee-Lite that Miss Kier would help bring the club kid style of dress to mainstream society; rave culture was growing in popularity and Deee-Lite's albums were immensely popular.  She was always over the top; her costumes (often consisting of catsuits and platform shoes) were imaginative, playful and original. 

3. Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon, singer, bass and guitarist for Sonic Youth, was a postergirl for the grunge music scene.  Her style was a kind of artsy do-it-yourself look, feminine yet tough. Sometimes she would wear girly yet ragtag vintage dresses, while other times she would be dresses like a tomboy: jeans and Chucks.  Gordon also produces/designs two clothing lines- X-Girl and Mirror/Dash.

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“I agree...not enough time has passed to really assess what was fashionable in the nineties. In ten years we would definately have the distance in time to study the decade. These three were just my humble guess at who was relevant sartorially.”
Posted over 6 years ago
“Definitely agree with Kate Moss. It seems that a lot of the famous models at the time (Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, etc.) seemed to define some of the trends for women in that era. We may need to revisit this topic in another 10 years to see who, if anyone, really stood out. At this point, we might just have to rely on the broad trends as the true fashion icons of the 1990's.”
Posted over 6 years ago
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