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The eighties were a time of glorious excess; Wall Street was booming, and more was always in order.  Designers such as Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, Claude Monana and Theirry Mugler promoted over-the-top ensembles that drew inspirartion from the fashions of the early twentieth century.  Japanese innovators like Rei Kawakubo and Issey Miyake took Paris by storm with their deconstructed, intellectual clothing.  Women who stood out as icons in the eighties were all strong and independant; one would have to be to carry off such daring ensembles.  Here are three worth mentioning.

1. Princess Gloria Thurn und Taxis

Gloria, or "Princess TNT" as she was affectionately known in the eighties, was a young German countess who married into the Princely house of Thurn und Taxis (Germany's largest landowners and worth 3 billion dollars at the time).  The 'Punk Princess' was infamous; she spent huge amounts of money on clothing, throwing parties, and jetting around the globe. She was always dressed to the nines, but in outlandinsh, comical ensembles. More than 30 years younger than her husband, Gloria socialized with Prince, Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, and was once busted for possession of hashish in an airport.

2. Madonna

Madonna was the ultimate female pop star of the eighties; her ever-changing style was copied by teenage girls around the globe.  With her carefully crafted looks, Madonna launched trends and exposed mainstream society to underground urban subcultures.  She was instumental in launching the underwear-as-outerwear style of the decade, and her thrift store chic has become a lasting image of eighties punkiness.

3. Princess Diana

Princess Diana grew into a style icon as the eighties progressed; she transformed from a shy girl into a sophisticated glamazon.  In her early years as a princess, Diana supported the careers of several young British fashion designers (such as Catherine Walker).  Her wedding gown, designed by Elizabeth and David Manuel, has become an iconic gown, and set the style for the romantic frothy nuptual attire of the decade.  As she gained confidence and branched out on her own, Diana became more daring in her fashion choices, and wore Versace and Christian Lacroix. 


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