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posted on 03.03.09

Consider criticism. Often criticism yields the critic. The one who says No. Not.
But the party of No ain’t much of a party.

Here, we are critics with a different creed. We’re committed to an analysis that is predicated on enjoyment, on influence. One need not like something to be influenced by it; in fact, quite the contrary. Revulsion is part of revolution. Not every influence is positive, but it is always necessarily productive. It can’t help it.

To begin at the site of enjoyment and influence is to choose enthusiasm as a mode of viewing. At this site, we’re equipped with the tools of pleasure and effects to build connections.
This is Art+Culture. We say yes.

“So you're brilliant, gorgeous and Ampersand after ampersand. Art+Culture++++++++++++”
Posted over 6 years ago
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