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Who listens to the ubiquitous noises that envelop us?  Why should we take any more seriously those notes that are written within the limitations of a musical score compared to the sounds that are non-intentionally aesthetic and part of the built environment? 

What is the nature of our perception of what music is (including all of the contexts that surround it)? Can comparisons be drawn between issues surrounding and confronting the reception of both music and the visual arts?

These are only some of the questions that intrigue me as a researcher, performer and composer.

This post serves as an introduction to my interests; further blogs will include not just writing essays but interviews, reviews, investigations and the odd bit here and there!


In the near future I plan on setting up online competitions for sonic arts composers, forums, and other multi-media outlets to help facilitate collaborative work between visual artists, musicians, composers and those that work within the media industry. 

Oh, and not to mention my interest in film and comic books would be out of the question, surely.

Please do drop me a line!

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GraceAnne says:
“Thank you! Yes, I am familiar with his work; I like that Fontana's focus is singular (investigating the relationship between sound and the built environment), but at the same time investigates many issues within the context of field recording/sound art/music composition. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
“This is so cool. Have you checked out Bill Fontana's work?”
Posted over 6 years ago
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