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Hi Readers!  My name is Alexis Walker, and I am currently curating the Fashion Design section here at Art+Culture.  I work as a fashion designer, textile artist, and (budding) writer and curator.  I love the sartorial arts; what we wear is an important part of ourselves and our identity.  I hope my contribution here at Art+Culture will be used by other designers as a resource for new areas of inspiration. I hope I can expose you to books, individuals, or designers who may have been under your radar, but could perhaps generate new ideas or directions for your work.  I also invite members to contact me for suggestions, corrections, questions, or any other discussion topics.  Please write comments on my page, or posts.  I look forward to hearing from you!

As a fun way to kick off my weekly posts for the Curators Corner, I am going to explore my favorite style icons of the twentieth century over the course of this afternoon.  The women I have chosen to highlight come from many walks of life; they are socialites, models, actresses, muses, musicians, and It Girls.  All of these ladies, however, has used the fashion of her era in a particularly individual, or sometimes unusual way.  Enjoy!

“Welcome aboard, Alexis. We look forward to your contributions and learning about your favorite style icons!”
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