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Images are seductive and omnipresent, surrounding us and saturating us in our media-driven image-based society.  Images educate us, influence us, and lie to us.  Much of my writing about film explores the ethics and responsibilities of being the audience, the viewer, the receiver of all these images.  I've written a lot about what movies I will not watch, about stereotype and representation, and also, simply about the movies I'm watching right now and how they relate to or affect my thoughts, my perceptions, and the larger world.  Some of my posts here are thematic lists and some are simply musings on the meaning of cinema.  I like to stay interdisciplinary, too.  Graphic novels, literature, video art and photography are all passions of mine, and often the borders between these genres blur. For example, it's not a coincidence that comixs are the genre closest to movies in its use of text and image, and many experimental films these days take their cues from video art, and vice versa.

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As Film Curator/Editor on Art+Culture, in the coming weeks I'll be introducing a wide variety of features and interviews with filmmakers, critics, publishers, and arts organizations.  I'll be writing about whatever I'm watching and the seemingly unconnected things that run through my head.  And I hope you do, too!  Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, corrections and concerns.  Because after all, everything is interconnected in some way, and finding out how things go together is one of the pleasures of art and culture.

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