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posted on 08.17.09

Above Image: Joseph Carnevale, Traffic Barrel Monster

NC State student Joseph Carnevale, the vigilante artist behind the traffic barrel monster, has been sentenced to 50 hours of community service because of his "crime." Perhaps, as a community service, he should make more.

The judge in the case deferred judgment which means, if he completes his community service, the charged against Carnevale will be dismissed. Hamlin Associates, the company who owns the construction barrels, did not press charges and actually want their own version of the statue stating "If we'd known he'd do that good of work, we'd have given him the barrels."

In the end, Carnevale claims it was worth all the trouble, though he advises other would-be artists to not "get caught." -


"What is art?"

I've heard the question so many times, that the conversation following it can't help but be cilche.  And while I prefer to offer the wondering only to wide-eyed student's who's censorship hasn't yet kicked in, the idea almost always sneaks into gatherings and college courses.  It just doesn't go away, because there is no right answer.  

Below are a few pieces that I'm sure could be up for debate, but weather or not you see it as art, it's hard not to enjoy the creative thought that brought them to life.  

Mr. & Mrs. Pump

These must be lawyers. Photo Credit: David Clow


Street Corner Living Room
This Dutch street scene is either a commentary on life in transit or an angry ex with a sense of humor. 

Photo Credit: Material Boy @ Flickr

Families Crossing
Seriously, they're in a hurry. Emsef @ Flickr


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“I love the images you've chosen for your post! They are surprising, delightful, creative, full of humor. Definitely art.”
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