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Good news in a saggy economy—North Drive Press #5, the final edition, is going to print and will be ready this Fall. I wanted to mention NDP today so Art + Culture readers will watch for it and support this very unique project.

Matt Keegan and Lizzie Lee started this boxed printed edition in 2003, and while it does conceptually resemble the Fluxkits and other boxed editions made in the Pop Art era, I feel North Drive Press is absolutely contemporary. They pull artists and authors together to collaborate, so each edition is an art object as well as a loosely defined “book.” In each box there are pamphlets containing text, as well as small artists’ multiples commissioned by the editors. Cds, chewing gum, stickers, mail art projects, fold-out posters, all rolled into a magazine-type set of interviews and collages printed in colorful inks. It’s gorgeous!

While North Drive Press is not super cheap (#4 runs around $50), when you open it up and realize there are hours of entertainment plus art collection/archive value it is more than worth it. It is a design feat and a wonder that something like this can get made in this day and age.

Support the awesomeness and check it out when it hits stores, or order direct:

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