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So I am still recovering from my yearly pilgrimage back to my home city of Chicago for Lollapalooza. It's always a fun time to sweat it out and drink it out amongst friends I have not seen in a while. I always enjoy seeking out bands I love and discovering new bands I knew nothing about. I saw some great acts this year. Depeche Mode was amazing, as were The Killers.

The hightlight of the weekend, however, was the newly installed Perry's DJ Stage. Not only was the setting fantastic - The amazing Chicago cityscape looming over the DJ Stand with nice trees enclosing the area - but the music and the scene were even better. At first, it seems odd that so many people are gathered to see one or two people play their songs with no notable instruments - simply their computer and some turn tables. But the cohesion of people feeling the music and dancing and jumping around is what it is all about. The energy created is simply amazing. It is hard not to smile when the entire crowd is in a syncronized electro hop and people are sparying their water bottles all around creating a sense of frenzy.

I have found myself developing a love for electronic music over the last few years and my time at Perry's DJ Stage simply cemented it. I can dance and jump around to these amazing artists all day and night.

I was not able to expereince all of the DJ sets, but the most notable performances that I saw were (in no particular order)


- Boys Noize

- Diplo

- The Hood Internet


I would love to talk to anyone else that was able to experience Perry's Stage or anyone that has an interest in electro or any of the DJ's mentioned.

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