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posted on 08.12.09

Director Dori Berinstein took on the subject of creative performers with "ShowBusiness:The Road to Broadway" (2007), and creative kids with "Some Assembly Required" (2008). Now she takes on creative seniors with "Gotta Dance," her new documentary about the NETSational Seniors, the NBA's first senior citizen hip hop dance squad.

From audition to debut performance, she follows the team's 13 members, who range in age from 59 to 83 years old, everywhere from lively rehearsals to daily lives, exploring the modern meaning of age and the compelling circumstances that bring each member to the squad. 

A particularly relevant documentary amidst a number of new projects dealing with senior subjects, "Gotta Dance" is an inspiring celebration of aging, as well as a wonderfully instructive look at the value of persistence and vitality in the face of a challenge. You really get to see the characters grow as they struggle to learn the dance steps, summon the courage to perform, and relinquish fears of agism as they proudly wear their ages on their shirts. It's refreshing to watch these people seek, confront, and invigorate themselves with an unlikely challenge, and the film features a fair bit of humour mixed with a solid respect for the task at hand.

Lori Berinstein spent many years behind the scenes as a Tony-Award winner who produced plays including "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

Get to know more about the dancers here.


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