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On February 20, 1909, Fillippo Marinetti published The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism in Le Figaro in Paris, igniting the futurist movement. The Futurists rebelled against the staid conventions of the time and against the nostalgic romanticism that was one reaction to rapid industrialization.

Rather, the Futurists extolled the benefits of technology and industrialization particularly in communication and warfare. Nothing could have prepared the group for the unprecedented slaughter of World War I and their jingoistic nationalism was discredited thereafter.

On February 20, Performa celebrated the anniverary of Futurism with a dinner that drew inspiration from Marinetti's Futurist Cookbook, published in 1932.

The setting was the grand hall of St. Bartholomew's Church in mid-town. Rabbit appetizers with faux buckshot was served, along with oysters and cocktails mixed with campari.

A fascinating Italian poet read a sound poem until Ms. Killery poured a glass of water on his head from behind a lecturn. Were that the end of it, it would have been ok. But Ms. Killery and Ms. Szilak took up the Futurist penchant for mischief-making, much to the chagrin of the money folks, who did not appreciate being pelted with airborne missiles of gelatin. They were asked to stop. Immediately.

We know when we are not wanted. It was a great time though.

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