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posted on 08.24.09

For as long as I can remember Audrey Hepburn has been my fashion icon.  My mom used to bring home her old movies and I would watch them in awe.  No matter how grand or funky the outfit was Audrey wore them with style, nothing was too much for her.  However, as I got older my tastes matured into a more quirky and eclectic sense of style.  I will always adore how Audrey (with the help of Edith Head) molded my sense of style, but now I have embraced someone else as my new fashion icon: Zoey Deschanel.  Her look is classic 1950's/60's paired with funky accessories to make the outfit more modern.  It's kind of granny chic, meets Patsy Cline, meets Gidget.  I love that she never wears jeans and a tee shirt.  Don't get me wrong, I love jeans as much as the next girl, but I think our generation relies on them too much.  I know it is not realistic to dress up to the nines every day anymore, and sometimes jeans and a tee shirt are all we can handle with our busy lives.  But it is nice to have something to aspire to.  My goal is to try to not rely on jeans so much and really take the time every day to make my outfit a part of who I am. Zoey is the perfect person to look to for that.  She manages to make vintage day dresses look modern and effortless.  Not only is she a talented actress and an even more talented singer, but she is timeless.  Everyday when I get dressed, I ask myself, "what would Zoey think of my outfit?"  I am not sure if others do this, but I find that, although I don't imitate directly what others wear, I like to be inspired by others and then make it my own.  So I am wondering, who is your style icon?  Is there someone who's style seems so cool and effortless that you try to emulate them?


JAX says:
“My style icon is Gwen Stefani. She went from the Cali Gurl to combining the underground Harajuki gurls and her family life to form L.A.M.B. that is sincerely fabulous: high fashion with street sensibility.”
Posted over 5 years ago
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