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It's been awhile since I've written a post about my running and since this has been and continues to be a personal blog , I thought I'd take a moment to share . Anything I 've learned in the past nine months


I listened to an NPR podcast interview with The New York Times Phys Ed columnist Gretchen Reynolds this weekend , and in it she said something like how a fitness writer is one of the worst things to have if you want to maintain good health. Her point was essentially that as a writer she ends up sitting almost all day , and it's really not very good for you .


Last fall , I heard the same from Christopher McDougall . We spoke at an event for the Manchester City Marathon here in NH , and he noted how his health and fitness together had fallen while he wrote Born to Run . He stressed that he really has learned that it is very important to only put everything for a short time each day to get . Some movement Good advice , but it's the advice I have to admit not to have followed in the past year or so then run Boston 2012.


Now I have come to realize the wisdom of the Reynolds and McDougall said - a book about running writing was about the worst thing I could do for my walk . As much as I would love to come out every day and carry out the book and the demands of my job always hangs over me , and conspired to limit my running in just 2-3 days of maintenance miles per week for a large part autumn and winter . My mileage was shot - in fact there were a few weeks where I did not run ( gasp! ) . My general health has suffered from stress and deadlines began to pick up my life. When I go out for runs, which often took a lot of mental effort, my body felt sluggish and things just do not feel good . There were many days where walking was really the last thing I wanted to do .


It's funny how things can change quickly. My second semester ended about three weeks ago , and by the end of the teaching found free time to run with Womens Nike Free Run+ 3 Purple, and I have now strung together three pretty solid weeks of decent mileage and a variety of workouts (hills , intervals , etc. ) . Interestingly, now that I re - run almost every day , I found that my passion for the sport has returned in full force , and it is very difficult to take a day off ( even though I know I need one ) . With the extra miles , I actually feel that my body copes with the stress of running better, and my legs have regained some of their doll. I feel like a real runner again .


I am a believer that regular activity is really necessary for your body to thrive become . Exercising only two or three times a week will not cut it for me - if I tightened three or four days between running my body , inertia kicks back , and the mental effort required to keep the door grows exponentially . There is a fine line to walk anyway , so I think about training for their current fitness and adaptation are the main cause of the damage. Finding a balance is the key - not enough to remain fresh and the passion for the sport of the wind , but not so much that you begin to break down . That 's the balance I'm trying to find now - my body wants to run with Womens Nike Free Run+ 3 Hot Pink, that makes my spirit , but the sensible part of me knows that I have when trying to get back into tävlingsformoch re careful now - discover that the man on the picture at the top of the page .

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