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I first met artist Jennifer McCaw while I was completing my BFA in Textiles at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Canada.  Jen was a jewelry and metalsmithing student who was making the most wonderful and imaginative one of a kind pieces; we made several great trades and I have treasured the pieces she gave me ever since.  She truly makes wearable art.

After graduating from art school in 2001, Jen eventually settled in Calgary, and opened Looks Could Kill Art Boutique, which she ran for three years.  She sold art, as well as handmade jewelry, fashion (including mine!) and accessories.  The design of the boutique, and the objects she chose to sell were as whimsical and witty as her own personal work; Jen recieved a lot of great press and helped the careers of young artists and her friends.

Since her shop closed, Jen has continued to make jewelry as well as exploring new areas of interest such as making miniature dioramas, and leather work.  All of Jen's work reflects her love of handmade, unique old-fashioned things.  She is one of my favorite artists, and just a really great positive gal.  Check out her website for photos of all of her recent work. 

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