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posted on 09.05.09

Mario Albert Lopez is the son of Don Carmen and Doña Celia

Lopez.  He and his family are part of remarkable 

history, in that they brought the Glorious Mexican 

World of filmmaking to the United States. 


The Golden Age of Mexican cinema took place during

the 1940s and beyond. The most prominent during 

this period was Mario Moreno, better known as Cantinflas. 

The film Ahí está el detalle (There is the Detail) 

in 1940 made Cantinflas a household name as he actually 

became known as the "Mexican Charlie Chaplin”. His films

were well known in Spain and Latin America and have 

influenced many contemporary actors. Not until the 

appearance of "Tin-Tan" in the late 1940s did his 

popularity excell. Mexican actresses also were a 

focus in Mexican cinema. Sara García was the "Grandmother 

of Mexico". Her career began with silent films 

in 1910, moved to theatre, and ultimately to film. 

She was made that made famous by “No basta 

ser madre” (It's Not Enough to be a Mother) in 1937.

Dolores delRío, another dramatic actress, became 

well-known for her roles in a couple films directed 

by Emilio Fernández. 


In those days, Mexico became a “paradise” for 

Filmmakers worldwide.  Lopez and his wife brought 

the greatest actors to the United States. 

The Lopez Family then became the most important

source for introducing the Gods and Goddesses 

of the International silver screen. 

They opened theaters around California and Texas 

and Celebrities start to perform on stage. Americans

started to know them. This helped famous Mexican 

actors to become popular in USA. The “Esquire” was 

one of the most important Theaters of this family. 

Mario Albert Lopez is the only son that followed 

the footsteps of Don Carmen and Doña Celia. 

Mario has written a book and is producing a very 

important Animated Mexican Feature Film. 


- Daniel Lizzama, Litt.D, Art+Culture 



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1.      Mario, tell us about what you do. 


        I am a Film Producer and production of my animated feature film        

        will begin soon. 



2.      What kind of audience are you interested for your film? 


        All filmmakers know that the biggest market is  

        Hispanic, however, the Filipino market is also    




3.      What kind of artwork would you like to promote on Art+Culture 


        I would prefer to post a trailer and some pictures from my next  




4.           Art+Culture Site has different ways to promote your work. Image 

     Files, video, audio clips, text or blog posts. Which source 

     would you use to publish you media? 


        I will use two sources - Image Files and video. 



5.      Do you organize events? 


        No! I regret that I have been very busy and have not had time 

        to concentrate on that activity. 



6.      Would you like to reach other members of Art+Culture? 


        I think it is important, however, time has been a factor with 

        little opportunity to socialize.



7.      Would you be interested on the following features? 


+ An email service at Art+Culture. 

+ A blog to post new members and your own work. 

+ Be part of the notification and Feeds, to 

  promote your organization. 


        I would certainly support that concept! 



8.           Would you be interested in contributing with content and placing  

     an ad on our upcoming Newsletter? 



        I do not have time for that. 



9.           Would you like to be a guest curator on the Art+Culture Movement 

     or Category pages or curate our Newsletter? 



       I am a film producer.  I would have little time for that, 

       however, thanks for the invitation. 



10.       Thanks to Mario for taking the time to answer my questions.  

     His collaboration has been valuable. 


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