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Hello Modern Dancers and Dance Writers and Dance Lovers!

I will be curating the modern dance section of Art+Culture.  My name is Alissa Horowitz, and I am a dancer, and a dance "scholar."  I also teach dance to children in my home city, New York.  I hope you use this site as a way to connect to other artists, discuss your ideas, and explore new dance, artists and organizations.  I invite you to write blog entries about topics in dance - upcoming events, questions you are thinking about, new choreography, history, ALL things that interest YOU.  These blog entries will soon be featured on this modern dance landing page on a rotating basis.  I will post questions on this page and I encourage you to share your responses with the Art+Culture community.  I may also contact you for an interview to talk about your work!  

Please do contact me with any suggestions, corrections, or items and links of interest! 

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