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Just after I posted the last piece I found these amazing pictures of January Jones and John Hamm in the upcoming Vanity Fair promoting their new season of Mad Men.  The clothes are beyond fabulous! January Jones reminds me of Grace Kelly.  She always has such style and grace in her photoshoots.

MFool says:
“I love the show. Really close 'take' on that time, but one that avoids parody. It's Vanity Fair -- always spinning the decadence back into the rinse cycle. The neuroses, shaky judgment, and social friability of the late Eisenhower/early Camelot/Rat Pack years NEVER sensualized itself as VF does with everything it touches. Love the actors, love the 'lushness', can't stand the drenching exudations, the jet-set skankiness, of the VF pictorial style.”
Posted over 6 years ago
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