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Lately, while getting dressed I have been going straight for my vintage section.  The more unstable the economy gets, the more I find myself in Jackiesque outfits.  I wonder, am I looking to 60's era fashion as a way of escaping our modern reality?  At first I thought it was just my personal style changing, I have always loved 60's fashion but I only ever wore it in a modern way.  As compared to now, where it looks like I can walk straight from my closet onto the set of Mad Men.  But then the other week the New York Times ran an article on how Rockabilly was coming back as a style and it got me thinking, maybe it not just me, maybe we as a society are turning to a vintage style because of nostalgia.  In times of economic and political turmoil we have always turned to past decades as a way of reminiscing.  I think in a way it is a comfort to embrace a style and culture that you already know the outcome of.  Even though I wasn't alive in the 60's, through popular culture I feel like I was and the period is still comforting to me.  I also feel like the 60's era of both women's and men's clothing brought an air of grace and class to the human experience.  Men wore super tailored suits and women wore form fitting pencil skirts and shift dresses.  The style was a great deal more formal then our generations uniform of jeans and a tee-shirt.  However, I think the tailored outfits and formal attire add a degree of control to your daily regimen and also a feeling of pride in yourself.  I use my outfits as a mantra for getting through the day.  Do I know that I will make it through these bad economic times unscathed, no.  But I will certainly look my best while I brave the storm.  So I get up, pull out my sixties shift dress, pumps, and pearls and I tease my hair into a modern bouffant and go out into the world knowing, if nothing else, I look like a lady.

Tom Villa says:
“I think you said it with "look like a lady". In the 60's people dressed to look like adults. Now, adults go to see movies about toys and dress to look like children. Maybe with our new president we are again moving into an era of valuing being grown up. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
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