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posted on 08.04.09


Alright Alreadies with Radio Gagarin, Shtetl Superstars Orchestra and Djanan Turan at the Notting hill Arts Club (21 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3JQ).

More info on the club can be found here.


Dogstar (389 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London, SW9 8LQ)

+44 0872 148 3514

More info here.


"If anyone tells you modern music's too corporate and money obsessed, send them to the
Nottinghill Arts Club, where they'll find people motivated by passion,
and shot through with commitment"
Time Out


Arrived mid-set at the Nottinghill arts club, having no idea what I was going to hear.  My friend told me to just head over there, and we would eventually meet up (we never did meet up that evening, but no matter). I was nervous-I feel weird going into a club alone, wondering if the bouncers/gatekeepers will let you in.  I was wearing a nice dress and flat shoes (good for dancing)…but I’m not drop-dead gorgeous, so there is always that questionable moment when you think they’ll turn you out.  But I was on the guest list-so I flew in(after paying my 3 pounds)…

The club turned out to be an intimate space filled comfortably with enough people to really get a groove on, but not so much that I felt like a sardine.  I found it easy to start dancing in-step with the other participants.  The band lineup was to be playing heady mixtures of  traditional  Jewish/Turkish/Eastern European folk, with a good dollop of funk, ska and reggae (imagine!).  The bands I heard were the Alright Alreadies (reggae, folk, ska, Klezmer) and Djanan Turan (Turkish, ska, funk)…and I just missed hearing the excellent band Radio Gagarin

Absolutely brilliant, the music was strong, determined, well-played, and they gave us punters no choice but to get happy and groove with the rhythm.

I joined up with my friend at Dogstar later in the week: it was like walking into a Victorian madam’s posh boudoir.  But no fear! We fit right in: the crowd was tipsy, but happy, and the DJ kept the place hopping: we danced all night long. 

Alright Alreadies MySpace page here.

Djanan Turan MySpace page here.

Radio Gagarin MySpace page here.




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