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Since we're on the music kick, I wanted to share some of the New York musicians I've been listening to most this summer. It's a given that this list already includes Fixer and Sex Slaves who I featured previously.


1. Pink noise:  Near cultish, mesmerizing lyrical repetition married to trance-induced projections. 

2. Elysian fields: Front woman, Jennifer Charles, from one of my favorite projects of all time, Lovage. Noir never sounded so sultry.

3. Black Sugar Transmission: synth pop, dance rock. A melting pot of influence only Bowie could fully appreciate.

4. Acey Slade: Ex Dope, Murderdolls member now solo artist. Moody, dark crooning partnered with an aggressive guitar driven sound.

5. Dirty Pearls: Old school reminiscent, soul shaking rock n' roll.

6. Chainsaw Trio: Unexpectedly explosive, acoustic power-twang.

7. Kaki King: Mostly vocaless ethereal guitar picking and a progressive technique for such a delicate sound. 

8. Chairlift: lo-fi folky, art rock.

9. The Choke: Female fronted brutally rowdy, dance-punk. 

10. Holly Miranda: Beautiful whisper-like singing, ex Jealousy Girlfriends member. 



* Photography by Danielle Ezzo of The Choke.

Natalie says:
“I remember seeing Elysian Fields at Tonic all the time, and Lovage played a legendary show at the Bowery Ballroom -- Jennifer Charles, Mike Patton and Kid Koala, total insanity. (And the movie nerd in me loved the well used Hitchcock references....) Jennifer Charles and Oren Bloedow did an interesting record called "La Mar Enfortuna," definitely worth checking out....”
Posted over 6 years ago
Danielle Ezzo replies:
“That line up of members are like cardinal points. All different, yet magically coming together to create such a powerful project. AMAZING. I'll have to check out that record... I didn't even know about it!”
Posted over 5 years ago
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