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posted on 07.16.09


Sex Slave’s brand spanking new album, Wasted Angel, successor of Bite Your Tongue, was released June 3rd, 2009. My excitement confirms this is the bikini precariously tied on an Oklahoma stripper, the fuel of a hollow-eyed fire breather, and the Jack Daniels hidden in your boot flask. Obviously, all suitable catalyses for the best kind of trouble. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that the orgasm of my dreams lies in these tracks – with songs like “Mexico“ to rile me up, and “ Fuk 4 Luv “ to top me off. This deceptive little angel purrs electric sex at the mildest insinuation, and will rip out a wily scream at any adrenaline induced whim. The album that can turn a timid housewife into a passion struck vampire, and can absolutely encourage the devil’s tongue from a matador’s daughter.  


Cutting guitar driven riffs are balanced by an undoubtedly more mature sound which breaks away from the consistent face melting intensity (only slightly – don’t worry!) , leaving room for a sneakier sort of lyrical power.  Eric 13’s voice charms you with rich melodies in, “I Live at Night”,  while lurking under the surface, band mates Del Cheetah and J Bomb, rock you with a more meditative fury, adding up to a dark, seductive climax. On the same note, "Just a Memory" toggles between lush harmonies and clean vocals, stripped to simplicity, leaving the listener with a lingering sense nostalgia and reminiscent of a story once lived. There is some honest depth here.


For those die-hard badasses - don't fret! There's plenty of high speed, power-punk vivacity to satisfy all your angst ridden desires. It answers queries like, "What should we do first? Riot in the streets ‘til dawn or punch my ex's new boyfriend in the face?" and reiterates with choruses of callus sarcasm, narcissism (and other –isms I can’t think of right now) in "Cheap Imitation". Hits like, "Long Live the Dead " and " Sssssay What? " remind us why we fell for these bad boys in the first place: explosive drums, raunchy howling, and beyond abrasive threats. We love it when you taunt us so!


When all is said and done, we're left with a motley collection of sexy, rock-racket that proves that even the most defined styles can grow. Damn, do we appreciate it! Thank you, New York sleaze rockers, for your mundane-defiant effort of a solid sophomore album which propositions it's fellow perverts to open up and enjoy the ride. And yes, we accept.



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