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5 ?s 4: Willie Middlebrook, Photographer/Artist 

 1]     Does your work sometimes surprise you, or take its own direction?

Of course it does. What would be the fun of creating, if you knew exactly what was going to happen. What separates us from the animals is curiosity, we want to know how the story ends, but the true fun is the journey.

 2]     How do you see your work growing, changing or evolving in the future?

  I have no idea. Again what would be the fun if I knew.

 3]     What was the best advice you ever gave your students, and, what was the best advice you’ve received, from someone else, about being an artist/photographer?

  To Students - My Father never lied to me. (Listen to your elders. This does not mean follow every word.)

To Me - The world, doesn't have the storage for the amount of best advice I have received over the years, that I keep in my head.  That’s why the brain will always be the best computer.

 4]     What inspires you - how do you use these inspirations in your work?    

  I am inspired by everything!! In every way!!!

 5]     If you were an art critic, how would you describe your current exhibition?   

  I am not, and will never be, an art critic. I cannot see myself in that position for any reason.  I believe in discussion not criticism. Only a fool does not vote for him or herself.  So, for the record, I have never had or been in a bad exhibition.

Eshibition: "Willie Robert Middlebrook EARLY WORKS 1977-1984" WLCAC Cecil Fergerson Gallery, June 1-July 24, 2009




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