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This is the second CD in BIS Beethoven piano concerto series with Ronald Brautigam and the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra under Andrew Parrott. The first one featuring Concertos Nos. 1 & 3 (BIS-SACD-1692) received critical acclaim and this one will certainly do the same. There are many respectable performances of No. 2, what makes new CD particularly interesting (and additionally attractive for music lovers) is the Piano Concerto in E-flat major, WoO4 (also known as Piano Concerto No. 0). Never published nor orchestrated during composer’s lifetime, this youthful piece presents 13-year-old composer in his full virtuosity and musical competence. Beethoven finished piano part and left instructions for orchestration indicating that intended orchestra consisted of two flutes, two horns and full strings. Brautigam provided respectable reconstruction of the orchestral score for this recording. The third work featured is rarely heard Rondo in B flat major, WoO6 for piano and orchestra. Beethoven composed this piece during the long work on Concerto No.2 but has never published it. As CD notes indicate, the composer probably intended the rondo as the finale for Piano Concerto No. 2. Both the soloist and the orchestra deliver excellent performances and BIS hybrid sound leaves little to be desired.

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