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posted on 07.02.09

Dsgnwrld presents a range of current designs in a short description and image format that includes links to more info.  The categories cover all the standard design fields with a few broad themes thrown in such as: green, ideas and transport.  I'm not sure where this site originates from but one of their categories is crockery which narrows the location down a bit.  The content featured presents design as a way of thinking about the world as opposed to filling a market need.

Some of my favorite posts:


'Maria Hellwig’ by ding3000

‘The guiding principle ‘form follows function’ is insignificant for the design of alloy rims, due to the fact that nearly every shape can master their constructive requirements. How come all the alloy rims look the same? We saw a discrepancy there and decided to design a rim which searches its inspiration beyond the automotive context. ‘Maria Hellwig’ is an ornamental style rim which is inspired by rustic furniture and stucco work. This draft is the result of a project at the Fh Hanover, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, course: product design.’


‘UFO’ mono-use disposable plate by Andrea Ruggiero

‘UFO’ / Unidentified Feeding Object is a picnic plate to be used once and then disposed of by launching it into the bushes, exactly like a frisbee. Upon impact, the plates break into smaller pieces and become feed for animals (birds, squirrels, or rats), referencing Braungart and McDonough’s waste = food principle.

The act of launching the plate makes its disposal fun (a cross between an olympic discus and a Greek wedding) and the impact of the plate becomes a necessary component of the process. There is not even the need to scrape the food off your plate…but do look before launching.

Rigid and lightweight, ‘UFO’ is highly resistant to wet foods, vinegars, and sauces—yet completely biodegradable, non-toxic, and vegan.’


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