Medieval Era

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  • Rainbow & Sunshine
    Daniel Lizzama captures mystical sounds of nature with celestial energy that channels angelical light to the soul. He also understands that forgiveness and compassion are the consummation of the Holy Spirit’s power for healing. They invoke the divine power of God. Our cre ...
    over a 1 year ago
  • "Ave Maris Stella"
    "Hail, star of the ocean". You will hear the first 2 "verses" of this piece. It starts with a chanted section followed by a section in stark harmonies. The images are of the sky, stars, moon and ocean. Performed by Pomerium, directed by Alexander Blachly "Hail, star of ...
    over a 1 year ago
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    Chester Mystery Plays
    A unique blend of the sacred and secular performed only every five years in the 2,000-year-old walled city of Chester. Iconic Bible stories from Creation with Adam and Eve through Christ's life to the dramatic hell-fire of the Last Judgement, this compelling series of plays f ...
    over a 1 year ago
  • New Video by GraceAnne to Medieval Era
    O Virgo Splenden Ich In Monte Celso
    Different versions of the same tune. canon a 3 voices Libre Vermell de Monterrat, fol. 21v-22 Anonymous, XIV century - Schelmish: "Virgo splendens" (album "Codex lascivus", 2002) - New London Consort directed by Philip Pickett: "O virgo splendens" (album : "LLibre v ...
    over a 1 year ago
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