Its appearance on the "high literary" stage has been long in coming and long fought-over, from a variety of spectra. But comics – everywhere from the ten-cent-plague variety to the more recent explorations of the medium as a means of treating... [more]

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Poem Strip, Dino Buzzati's graphic novel, owes a great deal of its charm and artistic success to factors not intrinsic to the work itself; were it not written in the 1960s – 1969, not least of all – and were it not written in Italian – by an Italian – it might not have pulled its stunts off as comfortably and coolly as it has. Its debts to the unfortunate stereotypes of the period and Buzzati's nationality make many of the delights to be had in Poem Strip somewhat uneasy: few feel entirely pure; instead they are often weighted by a kind of snarky clemency, one that allows Buzzati to use tiresome pseudo-philosophies and woman-as-metaphor tropes precisely because they fit so
Like many boys and, if the stereotype stands up to scrutiny, fewer girls, I once read comic books almost exclusively. I rarely read superhero comics and the ones I did read I felt somewhat ambivalent about; they seemed, as I think
Dan Nadel is art director and editor of PictureBox, Inc., which has published some of the most exciting, innovative, and unique comics and art books of the past decade. Comics artists who have been published by PictureBox include Paper Rad, Ben
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David Heatley was one of my picks for Artists to Watch in 2010. Here, he talks about his wonderfully edgey graphic memoir, "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down," the influence of cinema on cartooning and his work as a musician.

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Are Comics More Intimately Connected To Genre Than Other Literary And Artistic Media?

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