Its form has been of serious literary consequence for thousands of years now, but playwriting has often received something of an uneasy glare when its name is mentioned alongside such connotative behemoths as fiction or poetry. Indeed, some of the most... [more]

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Last week New York met two powerhouse week-long event series: Independent Booksellers Week NYC and PERFORMA 09; pedestrian interests and chores distracted me from both and, come Monday, I realized I had not seen any of the previous week's abundant excitements. I'd love to hear the impressions anyone has had of either of these events; in the meantime I will continue to berate myself for neglecting its copious curiosities. I did manage to do some asynchronous things of note, however, and hopefully these things may prove interesting enough to others that they may be taken as helpful suggestions or worthy of comment. Bourriaud and Bleckner At the beginning of the week I picked up two books from Williamsburg's Spoonbill & Sugartown,
Video artist Sue de Beer has a new project that will be performed this weekend at The Kitchen. While she typically makes videos narrated with texts from authors Alyssa Bennett and Dennis Cooper, this time de Beer and Andy Comer
I just found an article about a very interesting looking play showing in Philadelphia this weekend. The show was created by a Yale Grad student and is being performed in a converted warehouse - Power Plant Productions - The story is
Over the past decade, it has seemed to me – perhaps this a valid observation, perhaps just a result of my increasing awareness of the fields around the hermetically Literary – that there has been at once an expansion of what

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Is The Theatre As Much A Literary Venue As A Performative One?

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The Kitchen New York, NY, United States

The Kitchen is a non-profit, interdisciplinary organization the provides exhibition and performance opportunities to innovative artists in media, literacy and performing arts.  The Kitchen... / read more

La MaMa E.T.C. New York, NY, United States

La MaMa Experimental Theatre is a world-renowned cultural not-for-profit organization led by founder Ellen Stewart. For 47 years La MaMa has passionately pursued its original mission to develop... / read more

192 Books New York, NY, United States

Frequently cited by authors as their favorite bookstore for public readings and by book-shoppers and -browsers as one of their favorite places to sate their literary urges, 192 Books is a unique... / read more

Post Fact Productions Los Angeles, CA, United States

In April of 2010, Post Fact Productions will produce a FREE experimental opera at the historic Tower Theater in... / read more

SantaRosa Art+Culture Foundation Milton, FL, United States

501(c)(3) non profit read more


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World Nomads Lebanon: A Reading with Wajdi Mouawad & Jane Birkin New York, NY, United States
21 May - 21 May
French Institute Alliance Française / details
Beneath The Surface Toronto, ON, Canada
4 Jun - 5 Jun
FireSlide Productions / details
The Sea Museum New York, NY, United States
18 Sep - 19 Sep
French Institute Alliance Française / details