The Printmak...
Ann d'Arcy Hughes,Hebe Vernon-Morris, 2008-09-01
Printmaking ...
Traci Bautista, 2014-07-09
Donald Saff,Deli Sacilotto, 1978-01-02
Beth Grabowski,Bill Fick, 2009-08-03
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Printmaking is the process of making artworks by printing, normally on paper. Printmaking normally covers only the process of creating prints with an element of originality, rather than just being a photographic reproduction of a painting. Except in the case of... [more]

Activity in Printmaking

    BONNET is a freehand pigment print created on a computer using a Wacom pad and pen. The process used in creating this print is similar to my painting approach. This print is 15" X 12" in size and presented in a limited edition of 50. The motivation for this print was my tre ...
    4 months ago
    "GNOMEGAME" is a freehand airbrush study done on archival 2 ply Bristol paper 24" X 18" in size. Since my principal series of expression is titled, "GNOMEGAME", I consider this piece to be my "standard bearer". "GNOMEGAME" is also available as a digital pigment print.
    11 months ago

Some Curators Consider Techniques Such As Stencil Graffiti, Rubber Stamping, And Digital Prints As 'printmaking'. Is This Going Too Far?

No!Printmaking has had a history and function of political protest and egalitarian distribution.Graffiti/stamping is the new version of this
Posted over 4 years ago by jamesviolent
The operative word which assures the legitimacy of digital prints is "FREEHAND".
Posted over 4 years ago by Fred Holle

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