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The trouble with aesthetics is that tastes and standards vary so much -- is art about realistic imitation, effective communication, entertaining expression, or simple visual appeal? To analyze with a formalist attitude, we exclude social forces, content, even subject matter, yet... [more]

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by Arty
Some notes on trying to connect things that interest me: 1. Harrell Fletcher's beautiful collaboration with Jon Rubin at the SF MOMA called Wallet Pictures, during which 150 of visitors' wallet pictures were rephotographed in the museum lobby. Ten images were then selected, enlarged, framed, and included in the museum's permanent collection. I had an amazing opportunity to meet Fletcher and see him give an artist talk at The Banff Centre. He radiated kindness and appreciation of people, combining it with a sharp ability to convey his interest to others, convincingly showing that people really are worthy of being looked at. And so are their pictures. 2. Likewise, the website/blog Awkward Family Photos has been gaining a lot of press for
Lawrence Rinder, formerly chief curator at the Whitney (where he curated the 2002 Biennale) and now Dean of Graduate Studies at the California College of the Arts, is an iconoclast. During his time as a curator at the Whitney he liked
Introduction Cuba in the 1980s was a country still reeling from the departure of many artists into exile in the 1970s after Fidel Castro’s 1961 declaration in his “Words to the Intellectuals,” “with the revolution everything; against the revolution, no rights,”
I am very tied to the word film though I have not shot film for a long time, neither negative or positive film stock, neither for motion pictures or still photography. What is film then if not a recording media and

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