Alison Nordstrom, 2011-11-22
After the Ph...
Christian A. Peterson, 1997-05-17
Glen Luchfor...
Glen Luchford, 2014-09-23
Marianne Fulton, 1996-03-15
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Pictorialism was a movement that at last gave aesthetically motivated photography a leg to stand on: previously, the medium was not perceived as a valid art form. Led by the passionate and highly focused Alfred Stieglitz, the Pictorialists rejected "straight" or... [more]

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  • Time Regained
    «I was convinced that I could recreate the past only by using the approach "reasonable not-reasonable", thus revealing and making relive all these "me" passed, all these feelings and perceptions protected by the lapse of memory, in the attempt to find the me-fragmented in di ...
    over a 1 year ago

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