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Nothing is ever simple: the classical model of art history appears as an orderly progression until it reaches our century; it's a deceptively logical stream of objects created over time, in which one phase inevitably follows another. It seems to possess... [more]

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A couple of weeks ago, I went to see the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to see their current exhibition, John William Waterhouse: Garden of Enchantement. Not only is an exhibition like this a unique experience (it has been since the 1970s since Waterhouse had his last retrospective show), but it is a chance to see some of the most beautiful, romantic, and magical paintings of the late nineteenth century. Waterhouse is a bit of a sphinx; not a lot is known about his life. Although he left behind a great body of work, the man himself remains to this day a bit of a mystery. His work is often associated with the style of the Pre-Raphaelite painters of the mid
Many beers at Barbara’s bar at the Brewery here in LA resulted in the following list. They are all French. They are all painters. So it goes, in descending order: 5. Seurat. He’s underrated the way Roy Lichtenstein is. Divisionism
French Impressionism
‘Olympia’, 1863-65, Paris. A number of years ago I happily managed to be in Paris for two weeks. Being a student, I didn’t have much money, so instead of fancy restaurants, I spent most of my time in the
This week between editing and teaching, I managed to visit a few key exhibitions and concerts featuring compelling rarities. Two of them come thanks to recommendations from Holland Cotter, of the New York Times. Lately, I've been really appreciating his exhibition

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“In its SoHo outpost, this Germany-based publisher stocks both hardbacks and paperbacks in a range of categories, from classics to pop culture. It’s a must-see.”

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The purposes for which the Art Institute of Chicago is formed are: to found, build, maintain, and operate museums, schools, libraries of art, and theaters; to provide support facilities in connection... / read more

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The Santa Monica Museum of Art was founded in 1985 by Abby Sher. Museum programming began when Thomas Rhoads took over as Executive Director in 1988. A decade later, SMMoA moved from its original... / read more


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