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When Graffiti was taken off the street and brought into the gallery in the mid-1970s, an ancient and ever-popular form of expression achieved overnight high-art status. With aerosol spray paint readily available early in the decade, large-scale, colorful Graffiti had spread... [more]

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One of my favourite artists is Peter Gibson, aka Roadsworth. Armed with spray paint and an eye for visual poetry, Roadsworth prawls Montreal's streets and embellishes road markings and sidewalks, turning a mundane central line into a zipper or a zebra crossing into a giant footprint. Initially decried as a vandal, Roadsworth has now captured the attention of gallerists and has been commissioned by high profile clients such as the Crique du Soleil and the Tour de France to beautify the asphalt. If you'd like to see more of Roadsworth's work, check out his profile on Art + Culture here: Following is an article about Roadsworth which appeared on the urban development and art blog Spacing Montreal A

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Posted over 5 years ago by Conrad BO
Posted over 5 years ago by Conrad BO

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