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Social Realism is less a style than it is a moralistic concern, art with so-called social principles. Born out of leftist concerns in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, and The Soviet Union, Social Realist artists reacted against the decadence they perceived in... [more]

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Kehinde Wiley By M.I.A He's a brilliant renaissance technician with hip-hop subject matter. His latest work focuses on young black men in a sadly familiar posture: Down. But in a world where bad is good, being down is not always such a bad thing. The public perception of black male youth has arguably changed since artist Kehinde Wiley began painting his formal portraits while in residency at New York's Studio Museum in Harlem in 2000. Part of Wiley's process was lifting his subjects straight from the street and rendering them-complete with sneakers, track pants, tank tops, and team caps-in the visual language of classic European portraiture; the result wasn't so much brashly iconoclastic as brilliantly inclusive, a mash-up of museum treasure

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  • New Image by modularmark to Social Realism
    ARM (architecture)
    modularmark's collages are 'sketches' for paintings. In his 'Magazine Ricochet' series of work he follows a formula of selecting just colour and omitting all images and text (except '1' and '0'); A less arbitrary formalism. A rigorous abstract art is mined from art and desig ...
    over a 1 year ago
  • ECHO
    ECHO is a freehand airbrush/acrylic painting from my GNOMEGAME Series. Most GNOMEGAME paintings are done through the intuitive use of imagery gained in life drawing groups. ECHO, however, was created through the conscious use of the actual drawing as a point-of-departure.
    over a 1 year ago

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