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A look at twentieth-century furniture design requires not only a glance over our shoulder at the traditions and design elements of the nineteenth century but also a peek into futuristic possibilities. Prior to the twentieth century, furniture was mainly produced on... [more]

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by Troy
I'm rethinking all that stuff I want from IKEA…thanks in part to Mon Oncle, my new-found favorite film by Jacques Tati. Mon Oncle takes comedic jabs at everything a “comtemporary-ist” would find cool and chic and of-the-moment (slap in the face to yours truly), buts it’s interesting because Mon Oncle was filmed and released circa 1958. The film, set in post-war France, follows M. Hulot, an awkward simpleton of a man, as he charms his jaded nephew in a gadget-film home…post-war France apparently had an obsession with modernity and consumerism. Le film was well received mind you; it won an Oscar for “Best Foreign Language Film”, a “Special Prize” at Cannes, and a New York Film Critics Award. The sets are
Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in June 2008 and founded studio mischer’traxler in 2009. Their interest in the organic and technological combines to create useful objects that also serve as a record. They make
Nobody says 'high-tech' anymore could be the subtitle for my post of the list of ten influential designers for 2010. We've grown accustomed to technology as a part of our everyday life but these ten designers are concerned with how to
In the world of design there is a surging interest in the handmade, limited production and regional craftsmanship. This trend has found mentors in Culver City, California, a city in the middle of Los Angeles that has attracted film production,

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  • Bubinga & Ebony Table/Bench
    Solid bubinga and ebony through and through. Beauty and functionality that will endure. Under normal conditions, this is a piece that can be enjoyed and used indefinitely. Bubinga is incredibly strong. Ebony is so dense it doesn't even float. Drop it in a pool of water and it ...
    over a 1 year ago
  • Roots Dining Table
    This small dining table has a top and base made with Texas mesquite and a pedestal created with the roots of a live oak tree that have been cleaned, polished, and composed to create an organic, sculptural form below the top. The oval opening in the center of the top holds a p ...
    over a 1 year ago
  • Neo-Deco Sideboard
    Though art deco inspired, this is an original piece of contemporary furniture. While the surfaces of most deco furniture were veneered, the the top, drawers, and doors in this piece are entirely solid wood. Every detail has been meticulously crafted. Primary materials are fig ...
    over a 1 year ago

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