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Dance in India covers a wide range, from the ancient classical to modern styles. Its importance may be gauged from the fact that its three best-known deities, Shiva, Kali and Krishna, are typically represented dancing. There are hundreds of Indian folk... [more]

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“Bharata Natyam is an expression of self. Anyone can watch and appreciate and you don’t have to be Indian to do so.” -Sahasra Sambamoorthi Sahasra has been studying Bharata Natyam since the age of nine. After graduating from Columbia’s SEAS program in 2008, she has maintained two small businesses in the performing arts, she is co-owner of Parampara Magazine and also founded a nonprofit organization, Navatman Dance. Navatman is broken down into three parts: a dance company, an events planning company, and a conservatory (in progress). Bharata Natyam is a form of communication, and in her choreography, Sahasra tries remove this dance form from a purely traditional format. She wants to make her work accessible to Indian and American audiences alike.
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Bharata Natyam is one of the Classical Indian dance forms (others include Kathakali and Mohiniatam from Kerala, Odissi from Orissa, Manipuri from Manipur, Kathak from Uttar Pradesh, Kuchipudi from Andra Pradesh) originating in the southern state Tamil Nadu. Although Bharata Natyam
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Bharata Natyam finds its origins in Hindu mythology. As the story goes, Brahma took aspects of from each of the four Vedas, and created the fifth Veda, called the Natya Veda. He taught this Veda to the sage Bharata Muni, who

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  • Namaskar
    An excellent explanation of the namaskar, the step you do before and after you dance in Bharata Natyam.
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