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Part wrestling, part social dance, Contact Improvisation is a physical investigation of passivity versus activity and demand versus response. Essentially, the form investigates the give and take of weight between two or more bodies, improvised movements immersing the dancers in dynamic... [more]

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Applications for the 2010 Bates Dance Festival are now online! The Professional Training Program runs from July 17th-August 8th, and offers a great line-up of classes taught by great artists and accompanied by amazing live musicians! There are also fabulous performances throughout the 3-week program. I've been to the festival twice already. It is so much fun to "go on vacation" to dance heaven. Unlike other large summer dance festivals, Bates is a smaller program focused on collaboration and community without sacrificing high quality instruction. There are also scholarships and internships available!! Also, check out their youtube page for more videos!

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