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Ideally, industrial design aims to address numerous, often contradictory issues at once. It is a domain that, throughout history, has been stimulated by advances in technologies and production materials. Between 1790 and 1900, more than 600,000 new product patents were issued... [more]

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Nobody says 'high-tech' anymore could be the subtitle for my post of the list of ten influential designers for 2010. We've grown accustomed to technology as a part of our everyday life but these ten designers are concerned with how to use technology to imbue objects with meaning and to serve human needs. They are taking back technology from the command of engineers and approaching it with the mindset of an artist. Their practice of design conflates art and technology and extends from designing a product to inventing new processes for production and new ways of making objects. Sometimes their designs are profoundly beautiful, sometimes simple and satisfying and some are so conceptually compelling that they transcend notions of beauty. Five
Often the repetition in advertising creates its own logic. Why is a tiger a better symbol for a brand of sugar coated corn flakes than a white seal? I like to think this character's name is "Frosty the Seal". (After all,
Industrial Design
I was reading my morning blogs today, in particular, the Satorialist and I came across a reference to the "best design article ever written." The article, in Fast Company features an interview with Jonathan Ive, the Senior Vice President of Apple's
A while back I posted about my love of the Joey Roth Sorapot, well now he is coming out with new stuff and it looks amazing. His website was just updated for preorders of both a set of hexagon tea cups

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    Looking for studies on Design and Culture? Take a look at my six Studies in Design and Culture. They are formatted for Kindle / iPad and iPhone they are available from Amazon at $2.99 each ($3.25 CND; $3.99 AUD; €2.60; £1.76; ¥305; 179 INR; R6.65) ...
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“In its SoHo outpost, this Germany-based publisher stocks both hardbacks and paperbacks in a range of categories, from classics to pop culture. It’s a must-see.”

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Mister Artsee

Mr. Artsee and Art/See productions announces an open call for proposals from
artists, musicians, story tellers, composers, urban planners, designers,
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A large convention center located in Manhattan. Named for a US Senator and designed by Ieoh Ming Pei. / read more

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D.A.P. and x-initiative present the opening of Artbook at X, a new art bookstore in the heart of Chealsea. / read more


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