When the seep of electronic music experiments puddled into the astral oozings of 1970s-era space rock, ambient music was born. In actuality, the seeds of Ambient had been fermenting since the late nineteenth century. That's when French composer Erik Satie began... [more]

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This week in the music area of Art+Culture, we continued our exploration of ‘Quiet Music.’ (Read [Part 1] and [Part 2]) Here are some highlights: 1. I posted an interesting article from Wired Magazine about lowercase sound, an extreme form of minimalist ambient music. [read] 2. GraceAnne brought to our attention, a great site about ambient and electronic music. Her post also includes a cute video by the musician Pogo, based on Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. [read] 3. I spent some time adding some seminal artists to the Ambient category: Steve Roach [view profile] I posted a YouTube video of Roach’s piece Something in Tears, from his album Quiet Music 2. [watch] Robert Rich [view
This month in Classical and Experimental Music (as well as related genres and subgenres), I would like to focus on “quiet music.” William Cosgreve wrote the oft-misquoted line “music has charms to soothe the savage breast,” and many people have taken

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