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In his landmark book devoted to experimental music, composer Michael Nyman defines it as something that "engages the performer at many stages before, above, and beyond those at which he is active in traditional western music." Whereas European classical music has... [more]

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During the late eighties there was a great American television show called 'Night Music' (originally 'Sunday Night') airing between '88 and '90. Those being years when I was under five feet tall I didn't get to enjoy much of that but now thanks to youtube I'm getting into it. One of my favorite clips I've seen so far is the one below, which features a performance by visual artist and musician Christian Marclay. Marclay is a well known visual artist working internationally now but here we get a glimpse of his unique turntable performance style. It's a wonderful example of the creative misuse of technology which a lot of Marclays work, in both visual and sound media, is dealing with.
One artist on my list is actually a collective of numerous artists. Formed by professors Perry Cook and Dan Trueman, the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, or PLOrk for short, has brought a newfound excitement to academic computer music. I have been following
In thinking about the Anniversaries theme for the music section this month I thought of Somewhere There Toronto's venue for informal creative music which, as I read on the somewhere there blog, is having it's second anniversary soon: "On Tuesday, 22 September, 8pm, Somewhere There
This August in the music area of Art+Culture, we explored ‘Quiet Music’ (Read [Part 1] [Part 2] and [Part 3]). Thanks to everyone for reading and contributing! Next month, curator Alen Hadzovic will lead us on an exploration on "Anniversaries." As

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Can Ugly Sound Become Music?

Music is a bad word Every sound is great, interesting Music is only an intellectual idea of sound
Posted over 3 years ago by DAMAGEDCORPSE
Are you saying that people are culturally conditioned to have their neck hairs stand up when someone scrapes fingernails across a backboard?
Posted over 5 years ago by JimPlaxco_Artsnova
silly question..there are no ugly sounds, only culturally conditioned reactions to sound.
Posted over 5 years ago by Peter Yumi
Britney Spears should be killed then... Ha! Seriously, music isn't about ugliness or beauty. You just won't feel it until you understand it.
Posted over 5 years ago by .
Music is about telling a story in one way or another and all sound can do such in its own right. And agreed there is no ugly sound.
Posted over 5 years ago by kulara

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