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Despite the fact that one of the basic terms in New Criticism is ambiguity, its proponents nevertheless insist that a text has a fundamental unity. It is a unity towards which every part of a text tends, an organic whole of... [more]

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Laurence Rickels is a critic and vampire expert. He provided some inspiration for my Werewolf Express project as well as my upcoming book, Sweet Tomb. He has written The Vampire Lectures among other critical books about horror. I'd been wondering what his take was on all the American vampire films and TV shows, and lucky for me, Artforum ran it in their current issue. Here, he writes about "True Blood": Instead of posting "True Blood" stills, these are from films starring one of my favorite Brazilian semi-vampire, Coffin Joe. The YouTube clip below is from "At Midnight I'll Steal Your Soul." It reminds me of a Kuchar Brothers movie or something: high camp. Coffin Joe is way cooler than

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