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Socrates refused to write. He said that to write something down is to disembody it: words are left to float here and there, ghostly creatures, perverse and perverted by whatever and whomever they encounter. Of course, we only know what Socrates... [more]

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Phillip Lopate's recently released essay Notes on Sontag is one of the loveliest, most profound, most tremendously moving essays on any theorist or writer's work I've recently read; that it's so short makes it all the more remarkable. Lopate is one of my favorite contemporary writers: his criticism is cogent, coherent, humane, thoughtful, and somewhat unplaceably poignant, as if the kindness of its uniquely acute author and his subtle understanding of the sweetness of sorrow were cozied deep into his clear, fluid prose. That his work is so approachable has, I think, made him less valued than he should be, and it may be that – like some of Sontag's work – the true profundity and acuity of his criticism is obscured
Laurence Rickels is a critic and vampire expert. He provided some inspiration for my Werewolf Express project as well as my upcoming book, Sweet Tomb. He has written The Vampire Lectures among other critical books about horror. I'd been wondering
In light of our month of indie press highlights, I'm thinking fondly today of author Dodie Bellamy, whose work I love and who publishes with some really interesting presses. I've always admired her taste in publishers, not to mention her prose.
Bookslut just published a superbly frank essay by poet Courtney Queeney. Queeney discusses women poets, the breed she's supposedly part of, and questions what it actually means to stand up for your own. While she isn't decisive, Queeney manages to

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Do You Think That Much Literary Theory Is Intentionally Obscure Or Obtuse?

think the obscurity is a sort of violent absurdity that must exist 2 counter R need 2 be gnostic people. i think it is obscure & thats good.
Posted over 5 years ago by atravelersnote
I think that a great deal of it is; a great deal of much contemporary art is. It's unfortunate, the intellectual validity given exclusivity.
Posted over 5 years ago by Benjamin Gottlieb

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