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Military history is composed of the events in the history of humanity that fall within the category of conflict. This may range from a melee between two tribes to conflicts between proper militaries to a world war affecting the majority of... [more]

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Military History
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Nonfiction as a category has exploded over the past ten years and the military history genre has become increasingly important. As a student of history and a lover of language, I tend to have a relatively low tolerance for mediocrity in writing. For anyone interested in serious history, well written with great attention to details but not so technical, here are five books worth picking up. Rick Atkinson's Liberation Trilogy is an outstanding account of the Second World War. The initial installment, entitled "An Army At Dawn" chronicles the allied landings in North Africa in 1942 while the second "The Day of Battle" covers the fighting in Sicily and then up the Italian coastline. Atkinson effectively combines an acute understanding of

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