Southern Got...
Jennifer Lynn McCarthy, 2014-02-25
Southern Got...
Charles J. Beacham,Hardy Jones,Rose Yndigoyen,Miranda Stone,Eryk Pruitt,Heather Bell Adams,Emily Ruth Isaacson,Mark Pritchard,Shane K. Bernard, 2013-10-12
Southern Got...
Kerry Donoghue,Drew McCoy,Conor de Bruler,Patrick Brian Miller,Chris Deal,Rondal Robinson,Cyndy Edwards Lively,Kathleen Gerard,Tyler Bumpus, 2009-01-01
Famous in a ...
Diana Anderson, 2013-12-14
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Southern Gothic

The Old South's reputation for sultry decadence lives on in a literature that meshes the moody romanticism of Gothic novels with the American South's sensibility of tragedy and doom. The South's mystique of decay and danger became a preoccupation for some... [more]

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