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The history of anime begins at the start of the 20th century, when Japanese filmmakers experimented with the animation techniques that were being explored in France, Germany, the United States, and Russia. The oldest known anime is in 1907, a short... [more]

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Here is where I spend much of my virtual time... Boing Boing -- -- A constantly updated blog of...well, just cool shit in general. A third of it doesn't interest me at all, another third of it is mildly facsinating, but a huge chunk of it leads me on some of the most wonderful digressions the web has to offer. Dork-centric with an ear to the ground on art and comics, the contributors of this site pan for internet gold and strike it often. I've almost replaced going to regular new sites with Boing Boing. Same Hat! Same Hat! -- -- A fellow named Ryan maintains this insightful manga-centric blog. Let the kids read the volumes of indescriminate manga

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Who Is The Best New Director Of Anime?

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TAM TAM's Montréal, Québec, Canada
TAM TAM / details


Taschen New York, United States

“In its SoHo outpost, this Germany-based publisher stocks both hardbacks and paperbacks in a range of categories, from classics to pop culture. It’s a must-see.”

“Irreverent, trendsetting... / read more

Mister Artsee Brooklyn, NY, United States

Mister Artsee

Mr. Artsee and Art/See productions announces an open call for proposals from
artists, musicians, story tellers, composers, urban planners, designers,
curators, educators and... / read more

TAM TAM Montréal, Québec, Canada

TAM TAM's is an outdoor WEEKLY ritual (Sunday=BIGGEST day) covering MOUNT ROYAL (the mountain) from the bottom to the top with SMILING FACES banging drums, strumming guitars, blowing harmonicas... / read more

village Sar Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

International Artist Village camp of India(Rajasthan)

It a great honour for us to invite visual artist for an art camp in the most colourful state of India that is known for its rich culture... / read more

New York University, Tisch School of the Arts Film School New York, NY, United States

Prestigious film school offering BFA or MFA programs in film theory and production. / read more


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