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The art of motion-picture making within the nation of Spain or by Spanish filmmakers abroad is collectively known as Spanish Cinema. In recent years, Spanish cinema has achieved high marks of recognition as a result of its creative and technical excellence.... [more]

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by Natalie
Early rumours had me worried that "Agora" would be Spain's "Waterworld," a particularly sour comparison given the present taste for economy: a more than $70 million dollar production with no U.S. distribution, 141 minutes long, a 4th century epic spectacle... but... and there's a big BUT here... I would've been eating my hat right now had I not had faith in director Alejandro Amenabar. Amenabar is a popular director in Spain, where "Agora" opened earning $17 million at the box office since it's release on October 9th. The film stars Rachel Weisz and tells the story of legendary mathmetician and astronomer Hypatia. Since its premiere at Cannes, it's been trimmed down to 2 hours, and is opening in France, Germany, Greece,

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