Sachiko Umoto, 2010-10-01
The Art of I...
Henry Blackburn, 2011-03-30
Creative Ill...
Andrew Loomis,
Inside the B...
Marshall Arisman,Steven Heller, 2004-10-01
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The wonderful thing about illustration is that it can be anything. It is a mosaic on a crumbling wall in Pompeii, where the bright hues still cling with whispers of life. It is the gold leafed pages of a manuscript or... [more]

Activity in Illustration

    I consider "The Mirror" my best artwork because of feelings. It represents the transition of a child to a teenager with big muscles. I am sure almost all men have had that experience at that age. Humanity finds it difficult to talk about how men react to their body change ...
    over a 1 year ago

Who Is Your Favorite Artist In Illustration?

tomer hanuka
Posted over 4 years ago by kinoid
Jillian Tamaki and Sam Webber
Posted over 5 years ago by Unknown User
Edward Gorey
Posted over 5 years ago by samara
And Maurice Sendak
Posted over 5 years ago by Ashley Newcomb
Jessie Willcox Smith
Posted over 5 years ago by Ashley Newcomb

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